A. H. Jerriod Avant is from Longtown, Mississippi. A graduate of Jackson State University, he’s since earned MFA degrees from Spalding University and New York University. Jerriod has been awarded two poetry fellowships from the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown.

Sarah Bufkin is co-founder of Scalawag and a member of its editorial board. Sarah is a Mitchell Scholar and an alumna of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Katie Costanza is a life-long North Carolinian and member of Scalawag's business team. She has a background in communications, public education, and refugee resettlement. She currently works in higher ed.

Maura Friedman is contributing editor. A multimedia reporter and award-winning photojournalist in Chattanooga, Tennessee, she is especially interested in novel visual storytelling, drunk poetry, and cheese. 

Rachel Garringer hails from southeastern West Virginia. She is a contributing editor for Scalawag and the founder and director of an ongoing oral history project called Country Queers.

Alysia Nicole Harris is a performance artist, poet, and linguist from Virginia. Religion, travel and the arts make her heart go thud thud. She makes up part of Scalawag's Atlanta-based editorial crew.

Lizzy Hazeltine is a member of Scalawag's business team who brings her experience in venture capital and multimedia journalism to help this community grow. She's a Lowcountry native who calls the Old North State home.

Chika Ota is creative director of Scalawag. Over the past decade she has initiated and advised numerous multimedia projects focusing on sociopolitical and environmental issues. 

Danielle Purifoy is a lawyer and Ph.D candidate in environmental policy at Duke University. She studies how structural racism creates environmental inequality in the South and brings these interests to her work as an editor for Scalawag.

Robert L. Reece is a sociology PhD candidate at Duke University where he studies how slavery shapes contemporary racial inequality in the American South. He puts his sociological training to use with Scalawag on the editorial team and the business team.

Audrey Shore is a member of Scalawag’s business team and runs our social media accounts. Born, raised, and educated in North Carolina, she currently lives in Durham.

Anna Simonton is an editor for Scalawag based in Atlanta, where she was raised. She is a freelance writer.

Evan Walker-Wells is a Scalawag co-founder and carpetbagger-in-residence. As an undergrad, Evan was an editor and publisher at the Yale Herald. He's a veteran of both Obama campaigns and loves to cook.

Lewis Wallace graduated from Northwestern University summa cum laude with a degree in religion and history. Before becoming a news hound, he worked as a community organizer, barista, and sex educator. He's from Michigan with roots in South Carolina. Lewis is transgender, goes by "he," and leads Scalawag's State Politics Reporting Initiative.

Matt Whitt is on the Scalawag editorial board and is a post-doctoral teaching fellow at Duke University’s Thompson Writing Program. A Virginia native who always assumed he’d exit the South for good, he instead moved to Tennessee, and then North Carolina, where he feels very much at home.

Jesse Williams is a co-founder at Scalawag. He moved back to his native North Carolina after a six-year stint in the Northeast, first as a student at Yale and then as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group.

Zack Wortman is a writer and political operative based in Durham. After majoring in African American Studies at Harvard, he worked as a consultant in McKinsey & Company’s Charlotte office and on the Clinton campaign’s North Carolina team.