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We're celebrating three years of growth and transformation.

There are many Souths. There are many ways to understand the South.

We originally created Scalawag three years ago to fill a glaring hole in the media landscape where a multiplicity of Southern perspectives should be. Now, we're looking deeper. What can the impact of our stories be? What is our vision for the South we want to live in, and how can a media organization help get us there?

This month we launched our Milestone Campaign — an effort to raise $15,000 in the month of June towards the strategic, sustainable growth of our organization. We know that our $15,000 goal is ambitious, but so are our plans for growth.

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Here are just a few of the successes your support has made already possible:

Scalawag has identified four key content areas that help us tell a fuller story of the South. Our Southern Joy content is our way of celebrating the beautiful resiliency and spirit of Southerners. Our State Politics reporting takes a deeper dive into the causes and effects of decisions made in statehouses across the South. Our Southerners Combating White Supremacy series tells stories that highlight everyday Southerners confronting white supremacy and anti-Blackness in their communities with creative strategies. Our Country and Rural Reporting effort sheds a spotlight on places in our country that the media usually ignores. With your support, we can turn all of these content areas into robust, impactful initiatives.

We’ve gotten serious about our funding model and sustainability. We are dedicated to increasing and diversifying the ways in which we generate revenue so we can continue bringing you the stories, reporting, and arts you love AND do more. We want to build out new efforts like our writer mentorship programming, host more transformative events and conversations throughout our region, and pay more contributors, especially folks of color, queer folks, and other oft-silenced voices to tell their whole truths within our pages and on our site.

We don’t leave the stories we tell on the page. Scalawag sparks critical conversations. But we can’t do this work without you.

When you give to Scalawag, you foster rich and meaningful connections among Southerners and throughout the South: between writers and readers, activists and supporters; from urban to rural, from local to state. Together, we can lay the groundwork for social change.

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