When all Black lives flourish

Our collective freedom is bound up with the eradication of racial hierarchy, which from its inception has placed Blackness at the very bottom, and has been utilized for the collective exploitation of workers and poor folk of all races. I believe that when all Black lives flourish, all lives will flourish.

The work that lies ahead

This election means that many people will die who did not have to die. If our first step is to vigorously defend the bodies and identities of those in marginalized communities, our second must be to insist that our rhetoric and our politics acknowledge both the relative security and absolute vulnerability of White bodies.

The failure of the Democratic Party

The Democratic National Convention failed. They failed to meet the racialized challenges of a modern presidential election. They had too much faith in White voters, took voters of color for granted, and it cost them the election.

What happens when you leave poor Whites behind

There’s been hardly any investment from the Left in organizing poor and working class White folk, and that void has been justified by this notion that they are hopelessly racist and backward. That has turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.