I Will Tell You Something

Read James McManus' satirical poem inspired by ridiculous Trumpisms: Who’s David Duke, by the way?//
What is he, gay? I love gay.// Steve Bannon’s no racist either, Fake Newsers,// but knowing what he knows, he’s one of my favorite boozers.//

Dealing with Donald Trump’s America

For younger generations, Donald Trump's election feels like the world is turning upside down, but for people of color who have lived through the last fifty years, this is just a return to a reality they know all too well. People of color are always fighting for their lives, and sometimes the fight gets harder.

The work that lies ahead

This election means that many people will die who did not have to die. If our first step is to vigorously defend the bodies and identities of those in marginalized communities, our second must be to insist that our rhetoric and our politics acknowledge both the relative security and absolute vulnerability of White bodies.