Issue 13: Summer 2018

Field Notes

Alabama's Republican women might might history

Sketching Wakanda

By Other Means

Here lies my mother

The Black proletarianization of the bourgeois form isn't Kanye West's gospel samples

Vine City through a lens

new year's revolution

Issue 12: Spring 2018


When anti-Blackness comes to town

By Other Means

The Poet Interviews the Ghost of Vester Flanagan

Black Body as Told by the Stirrups

Issue 10: Fall 2017


More than latitude: Ties that bind the Global South

Field Notes

Tallahassee Pain

Hugs: An American family structure

On Blackness and bad weather

Deep gap

By Other Means

Poem: Blast log

Three poems: "spoon"; "hole"; "class"

belonging: a haibun

Photo esssay: A sequence of delights and ruptures

By the numbers: The decline and durability of Black segregation

Read, watch, listen, do

Issue 7: Winter 2016 - 2017



The fishkill on the Ogeechee River

A prison sown on poisoned land

A love letter to West Virginia two months after the storm

By Other Means

Two Poems: Ohio River & State of Denial

Two Poems: Your Heart's in the Right Place, But Your Soul Isn't

By the Numbers: Race in Greenville, Mississippi

Issue 6: Fall 2016


Field Notes

Mark Cline: monster-maker and healer

Pamunkey nationhood and the fallacy of federal tribal recognition

By Other Means

Three Southern bops

Issue 5: Summer 2016

Field Notes

Death in a North Carolina Jail


Swann and the Public School Segregation in Charlotte

Justice Undone: The Dream Denied (photoessay)

Some Notes on the Origins of Police

By Other Means

Freedom and the Black Women in Lemonade

Issue 4: Spring 2016


Leonardo Galván, Farmer-Advocate

Before I Let Go

By Other Means

Stump Speech

By the Numbers: College Football Royalties